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Located on the Plaza in Ashland, Oregon, we specialize in high-quality, natural fibers as well as one-of-a-kind Art to Wear, including handmade clothing, hats, handbags and jewelry. Shop online or stop by the store, either way, we'll be delighted to meet you.

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Felted Sky Ornament Blanks 6 Pack

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Felted Sky Ornament Blanks are perfect for people who already have wool and needles and just want the balls, or for those who have purchased the kit but want extra balls to extend the felting fun. These balls are partially felted and have a good bit of squish to them, unlike wool dryer balls making it is easy to poke into them while you're decorating. Available in white and colored balls.

*Note: The balls will not all be perfectly round when you receive them. Because they are still squishy, they will need some felting to firm them up and may need to be rounded and smoothed out as they can get dented and flattened in places during transit.

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Felted Sky
Needle Felting

Felted Sky Ornament Blanks 6 Pack

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