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  • So Many Minis!

    Which Way Shawl Today we are revisiting this whimsical lark from the creators of Wonderland Yarns. Inspired by the plethora of gradient shawl designs out there, Frabjous Fibers came out with these "Combo Kits," which combine five 1 ounce mini skeins with a corresponding 4 ounce skein.
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  • Your True Colors

    True Colors by Melanie Berg Once in a while a project comes along that captures exactly the mood of the moment. Last autumn Melanie Berg released her True Colors shawl design, and we instantly resonated with the broad spectrum of earthy greens set against a cool sage grey backdrop; like the story of summer fading into autumn, with winter at its heels.
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  • Shine On in savory saffron!

    No Plain Jane Last month we introduced WoolAddicts with their ocean inspired collection Sea Spray. Now that it is October, we are drawn to the warm chocolate and spicy saffron of Shine Out, a second collection from WoolAddicts Volume #1.
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