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Habu Textiles

Habu Textiles was founded by Takako Ueki in 1999. Ever since she began weaving, Takako has been in love with the textiles from Okinawa. The name, "habu" comes from a name of a snake, which is unique to Okinawa. In original characters, "ha" means "wave." "bu" means "fabric” It is named so because when it moves, it moves like a fabric. Takako stubbornly believes that all the care our actual hands give to each and every process of making a length of fabric creates something more than just a good look. It may be so subtle, but you know when you wear it and touch it. You know when that fabric ages with you, and you look at it twenty years from now. She believes the same is true with Habu yarns. They are the soul of fabrics. Without ones made with good care, the fabrics will not live long. Habu offers the best and most unusual yarns imported from Japan.