Beginning Needle Felting Class

Beginning Needle Felting Class

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Needle Felting is the process of sculpting (or felting) wool into 3D pieces using a barbed felting needle. In this class, we will cover shaping a body and other techniques needed to create a wool creature. All you need is wool, a felting needle and a felting pad.

Prerequisite Skills:
This is a beginning class and no prior knowledge of needle felting is required.


  • 1 Woolbuddy or Going Gnome Needle Felting Kit of your choice

  • 1 foam pad (either Woolbuddy Needle Felting Mat or Fiber Trends Needle Felting Starter Kit)

  • Woolbuddy Felting Thimble Set (optional)

Class availability is subject to change without notice.
Email or call the store to confirm. | 800.482.9801

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