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Located on the Plaza in Ashland, Oregon, we specialize in high-quality, natural fibers as well as one-of-a-kind Art to Wear, including handmade clothing, hats, handbags and jewelry. Shop online or stop by the store, either way, we'll be delighted to meet you.


Shibui Lunar Yarn

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Luminous silk makes Lunar glow with an inner light. Yielding a weightless fabric, it shines in combination with other yarns.

*Note: To purchase the Shibui Arise Pullover pattern designed by Britt-Marie Brehmer, click here and for the Daybreak Poncho, click here. Images are located below main image on the left.

Product Detail Info

Fiber Blend:
Gauge for Layered Nav:
Lace (8+)
Needle Size:
Weight per Skein:
50 Grams
Length per Skein:
401 Yards
Gauge per Inch:
Fiber Content:
60% Extra Fine Merino Wool 40% Mulberry Silk
Hand Wash
Additional Info:
Hand wash. Dry flat.

Shibui Lunar Yarn

(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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