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Located on the Plaza in Ashland, Oregon, we specialize in high-quality, natural fibers as well as one-of-a-kind Art to Wear, including handmade clothing, hats, handbags and jewelry. Shop online or stop by the store, either way, we'll be delighted to meet you.

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A Happy Handmade Life with Flax & Twine

A Happy Handmade Life with Flax & Twine

Jul 20th 2023

Flax & Twine

Our favorite find from the annual industry trade show: say hello to Flax & Twine!

Anne, the voice and creative mind behind Flax & Twine, marries her love of natural fibers and beautiful textures to delight you in your quest for a happy handmade life. Among her products you'll find weaving kits, unique fibers, and inspiration aplenty.

"I find joy and happiness in making and feel I am at my best when using my hands to create."
- Anne


Flax & Twine Naomi Mini Bowls Kit

Make these beautiful, rustic mini bowls with simple stitching - just a needle and yarn and your own two hands. The Naomi Mini Bowls kit provides the opportunity for multiple hands to dive in; get a group of gals, kids, or friends together and try your hand at basketweaving! Plus you’ll love how quickly and beautifully these little cuties work up.

Each kit makes 4 individual bowls measuring 4" x 1" high.


Flax & Twine Bella Bento Bag

Woven twill tape makes the most lovely fabric. Filled with light and texture, the Bella Bento Bag will become your go-to stash spot for just about anything, or the perfect little handbag with these lovely wooden handles! This bag is constructed in a rectangle of handwoven fabric (no loom!) which is then hand stitched into place. It is straight forward in terms of technique (it's just over-under) but a little more time intensive in terms of weaving and hand-sewing (no machine required).

Measures 12.5" (32cm) high, 12.5" (32cm) wide.


Jessica Long Embroidery Kits

When it's too hot to think about knitting, why not try your hand at a new fiber craft?

We've stocked up on some beautiful embroidery kits from Jessica Long. These nature inspired kits include a beginner's guide to embroidery, and contain all the supplies you need to create a finished work of art. These kits are suitable for beginnings but will also delight and inspire experienced needleworkers.


Punch Needle Kit

You may have noticed that punch needle art is popping up everywhere. Want to give it a try? This beginner's kit is a great introduction to the art of Punch Needle. You'll receive everything you need to create your very first punch needle piece without any wasted material.

Never punched before? No problem! This kit includes easy to follow, step-by-step printed instructions which will help you punch like a pro!



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Next week we are having our Semi-Annual Clearance Sale! Shop online beginning Friday, July 28th.

Local? Stop in Thursday, July 27th, for locals only early bird access!