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  • Project Focus: Shima Shima (and class schedule!)

    Olga Buraya-Kefelian is one of the most creative knitwear designers working today. She approaches design with architectural and mathmatical influences, creating geometric motifs that have fluidity and vibrance. Shima Shima has an ombre effect created by changing the contrast color while keeping the main color the same throughout.
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  • Simply Summery

    Light weight sweaters of linen and cotton are our wardrobe staples over the summer months. When you're in and out of the sun, shade, and air conditioned cars and buildings, a loose, open-work layer is just the thing to keep you in comfort.
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  • Sidewalk Sale Sneak Peek!

    Sidewalk Sale weekend in Ashland is always fun for our locals and tourists, and it's going on this weekend! We will have free yarn and patterns with every yarn purchase, and many new mark-downs... stop by Friday, Saturday, or Sunday and visit our "indoor" sidewalk sale!
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  • Project Focus: Solaris by Melanie Berg

    We have been in love with Melanie Berg's Solaris shawl since its release last winter, but we haven't featured it because we couldn't decide on color combinations. Now that we have it narrowed down to a mere (ahem) 40, we think it's ready for you!
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  • Farewell to Summer Faves, part 2

    Due to recent restructuring, Rowan is paring down to what they call their "Core" lines. It is hard to say goodbye to some of these favorites, and we want to give our customers a chance to partake before they are gone for good!
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