• Time for a (inter)Change

    Lantern Moon Interchangeable Needle SetLantern Moon needles are always on our customers "wishlists" this time of year. The luxury Rosewood is strong and smooth, and the set comes with a large range of tips and cables. They come in a gorgeous silk zippered case in a choice of colors.
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  • Gift Knits Guide

    Gift KnitsWondering if there is still time to knit a holiday gift this year? Knitters are famously optimistic about how fast they can knit, but we have a few project ideas that will ease the stress of that looming finish line.
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  • From our Family to Yours

    Happy Thanksgiving!Today, we want to take a moment to thank all of you who are the reason our Local Yarn Shop has been such a success. We are so touched that our small yarn shop in Southern Oregon has reached so many hearts and needles across the country.
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  • Twinkle, Twinkle

    Swans Island Ikat Collection Firefly Seeing this image, it was love at first sight. One look, and we couldn't wait to get our hands on the newest yarn from Swans Island... Firefly. The name, combined with the traditional Ikat dyeing, conjures up such a feeling of magic... something we could all use right now.
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  • Find your New Favorite Knitting Tool!

    Cocoknits Knitter's Keep Knitter's Keep is a genius solution to keeping track of all the little pieces as you go. Stitch markers? Tapestry needles? Cable needles? Tired of digging in couch cushions, Julie Weisenberger of Cocoknits created the brilliant magnetic bracelet that keeps all of those essentials right on your wrist.
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