About Websters

A major contributing factor in the success we've enjoyed over the years has been the relationships that have developed with our customers. They are a very loyal group, and have shared with their friends their high opinion of their experience with The Web•sters.  We value those relationships highly and, if you're not already one of our customers, we hope you will become one.

Hand made clothing in natural fibers

Just as we like to get to know our customers, we're often asked how we got started in business.  It's pretty straight forward, actually.  It began with our owner, Dona Zimmerman, producing and selling her own top-quality wool.  In 1984, she made the progression from raising her own flock of Romney sheep, a breed from the Romney Marshes of England, to opening The Web•sters retail store in downtown Ashland Oregon.  Although the store has expanded several times since 1984, we're still at our original location.

The Web•sters soon became a destination for beginners and the most serious knitters, weavers and handspinners.    With the creation of a high-quality catalog published and distributed twice each year, and the addition of a website in 2000, we now have customers from all over the world.

The friendly environment and beauty of our Ashland store keeps our customers dropping in to visit and to see what's "new"

"This was my first order from you folks, but it certainly won't be my last! Thanks so much. It's a pleasure doing business with an efficient and courteous company like The Websters."

"I received my order today and was stunned at how fast it got here. The packaging was excellent; I'm very impressed."

We're also known for specializing in high quality, one-of-a-kind Art to Wear: Hand made clothing in natural fibers, along with hats, handbags, and jewelry. Please be sure to visit us if you're in the area.

The Service Gene

No business can truly prosper without excellent employees, and we are very fortunate to have an outstanding staff.  They possess the "service gene", and consider providing service "above and beyond"  to be their highest priority.  They are very knowledgeable, passionate about their work, and fun to work with - whether you're a customer or a co-worker.  They're also practitioners of the art, and qualified to help you.

Websters yarn, handspinning and weaving

"You are such an angel! If I am ever in your area, you can count on me stopping in! Also, I have saved your website into my favorite places!! Hope to see you soon!"

"Thanks so very much for your prompt response. I was looking for that yarn all over the place! You've saved the day."

"I am a high school teacher, and the subject I teach is called "Diversified Occupations". One of the skills I teach my students is "Customer Service". So, when I receive outstanding customer service, I most definitely want to acknowledge the person providing it. In this case, it's you!!"

Thanks for visiting The Web•sters website. We hope you found it informative and motivating.  We've tried to make it as complete as we can, but we also want to highlight our willingness to do whatever it takes to assist you in finding and purchasing what you're looking for.

For some, that's finding something that they've not been able to find.  For others, it's help understanding a pattern.  For still others, it's needing samples quickly.  The bottom line:  we'll have it or we'll get it and we'll help you.  Before the sale, during the process, and after the sale.  It's our commitment to you.